Places to visit in Srinagar:

Stroll around Dal lake promenade

If you are planning a trip to Srinagar “paradise on earth”, you will definitely visit to the most famous Dal Lake, which is the second largest lake in the Kashmir valley.

Shikara Rides

Srinagar is mainly famous for its house boats. Shikara ride is one of the most relaxing and soothing aspects of a holiday in Srinagar. These rides are the best way to admire the beauty and soul of Srinagar.


Srinagar is mainly famous for its house boats. Shikara ride is one of the most relaxing and soothing aspects of a holiday in Srinagar. These rides are the best way to admire the beauty and soul of Srinagar.


One of the major attractions for adventure loving tourists is “skiing” in the Himalayas. Gulmarg, the best ski resort, was first established by the British in 1927. Skiing had become very popular during the pre-independence years and Gulmarg used to congregate two main events, one each during Christmas and Easter.

Shopping in Srinagar

The true shopaholic in you will love the vibe around this place. Traditional Kashmiri line of products, ranging from Kashmiri clothing handicraft items is available for sale in abundance here. The variety available for any product will leave you perplexed on what to pick and which ones to leave.

Floating vegetable market

The unique floating gardens in the natural wetlands of Srinagar are the prime source of vegetables cultivation and these fresh vegetable are sold on the floating Shikara on the lake. You can easily get a glimpse of this floating market early in the morning.

Hike to Shankaracharya Temple

One of the most honored Hindu pilgrimage destination in Srinagar, the Shankaracharya Temple is located at the top of the hill known as ‘Takht-e-Suleiman’. The prehistoric temple stands at a height of about 1100 feet above the surface level of the main Srinagar. A visit to this blessed temple involves a hike to the top of the hills.

Visit to HazratBal Mosque

The HazratBal shrine is one of the holiest Muslim shrines in the valley of Kashmir, Srinagar. The shrine takes its name from the Kashmiri language, where Hazrat means ‘holy’, and the word Bal stands for ‘place’.

Nishant Garden

Also known as “the garden of bliss”, Nishant Garden in Srinagar is set on the banks of the beautiful Dal Lake. This offers a great sunset vision of the Dal Lake. A beautiful water channel flows right in the middle of the garden.

Pari Mahal

Srinagar is a beautiful location that positively resembles the setting of a small paradise with beautiful surroundings of Pari Mahal, which are all set to surprise you, your mind, body and soul. Pari Mahal experiences a favorable weather throughout the year, and hence it is a year-round destination. However, if you desire to avoid the hot summers and cold winters of Srinagar, then the best time to visit Pari Mahal is from September until the end of November.

Mughal Garden

Mughal Gardens which have truly changed the face of the Mughal Empire is one of the most popular and the most visited tourist attractions of Srinagar. The natural beauty of the place filled with flourishing green grass and the aromatic flowers is a stress-buster and gratifying to the eyes. The tourists who come here take long wander in the garden or sit and think a lot of the beauty of the place.

Chashme Shahi Garden

Chashme Shahi also called as Chashma-i-Shahi garden. This garden is prominent for the natural spring of refreshing digestive mineral water. It has three terraces and a number of fountains which includes a spillway and some waterfalls. A variety of fruits, flowers and Chinar Trees grow in the garden all these add charm to the garden. Near the garden there is a small shrine, the “Chashma Sahibi” with a fresh water spring.


Pahalgam is an ideal place for an adventure sports enthusiast. It offers wonderful treks, skiing, mountaineering and camping sites. It is located at an elevation of 2130 m above sea level. Away from the grind of daily life, Pahalgam is situated among the elevated mountains, shimmering glaciers, talkative shiny river of ice water and intense hang around with soft whistling winds and refreshing air. Pahalgam is basically famous for ‘Gabbas’ (wooden toys).


Gulmarg is one of the beautiful places that can be visited in Kashmir valley. Gulmarg literally means the grazing land of flowers. Originally, Gulmarg was called Gaurimag, named after Shiva’s coasts. Gulmarg, the hill resort is located only 52 km. to the south west of Srinagar. Gulmarg is the foremost skiing resort for the adventure lovers. Gondola is a ropeway the longest and highest cable car, thousands of feet above the ground and with the snow capped peaks beneath, and is surely a mixture of fear and excitement.


For all those adventure loving person who wish to enjoy camping at a hill station, Sonmarg is the supreme destination. Tourists gathered to this small hill resort in intense numbers to see the delightful natural beauty and snow clad peaks. Known as the ‘Meadow of Gold’, Sonmarg is a set in the middle valley of flowers and lakes.

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